West Virginia Criminal Records


west virginia criminal records

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most everything that goes through the court system in west virginia is considered a public court record and its available for anyone who has the desire to search for it on a local or state level to begin a free online west virginia court records search follow the link below and enter a first and last name to begin, the commission is providing access to scanned copies of most formal case documents filed with the commission these documents are being offered as a convenience

west virginia criminal records and background checks are available on virtually anyone within the state there have been 125932 in the past 5 years including 1905 violent crimes 41 murders 101 forcible rapes and thats just the tip of the iceberg, west virginia criminal and arrest records we have free crime statistics for west virginia as well as the 46 counties within it the population was 796638 and there were 6231 violent crimes committed in the same year there was also 37251 major property crimes committed, west virginia is divided into 55 counties coal is the major resource and industry in the state the west virginia state police are responsible for maintaining and issuing criminal background checks and records there is a plethora of west virginia public records readily available online, west virginia public record directory west virginias nickname is the mountain state and its geography defines its history originally part of virginia its rugged patchwork of mountains and valleys was not conducive to plantation agriculture

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