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what shows up on background check the following will show up on a criminal background check report if applicable arrests convictions of felonies and misdemeanors court records eg dockets orders decrees judgement etc warrants sex offenses incarceration records, what shows up on a preemployment background check preemployment background checks typically include criminalbackground checks plus verification of information on past employment education and professional licenses, a background check helps your company stay safe through the criminal history check it helps ensure that applicants can do what they claim they can through employment and education verification it verifies that applicants are who they claim to be and arent wanted internationally, what shows up on a criminal background check background checks blog weve all seen the alarming news stories about workplace violence financial fraud sexual misconduct and other crimes perpetrated by employees against fellow coworkers employers clients and even children

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however there is some misunderstanding and miscommunication about what shows up on a fingerprint background check fingerprint background checks use fingerprint data to match a person to a criminal record, education and licenses especially for managerial and professional positions a background check includes verification of postsecondary degrees sometimes the high school degree is also confirmed the background report shows the applicants dates of attendance commencement dates academic programs and degrees earned and in some instances

there are several different methods employers may use for preemployment screening and what shows up on a background check will vary depending on which service is chosen a traditional background check company may provide a wealth of information including military online people searches are a , a background check is designed to show discrepancies a background check shows the discrepancies between a candidates claims and information obtained from independent sources such as criminal and civil courts prior employers educational institutions and government agencies, criminal searches are the centerpiece of most preemployment background checks your prospective employer will definitely want to know if you have a history of violent crime theftembezzlement sex offenses and other felony convictions the following will show up on a criminal history report where applicable, from time to time we receive inquiries from students applicants and the subjects of background checks about the type of criminal history information that will likely appear on their background screening reports

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