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when are taxes due time it depends on where you live if youre wondering when tax day is this year dont overthink it monday april 15 is the day your taxes must be filed to uncle sam in 2019, here well discuss when taxes are due for 2019 as well as exceptions for residents of certain states and for certain types of filers in addition well discuss the added demands for some self , dont wait till the last minute to do your taxes many of us tend to put off our taxes because well dealing with them isnt exactly fun but the more you delay that return the more you stand to , the department of tax administration dta is charged with uniformly assessing and collecting taxes and fees for fairfax county including real estate tax vehicle car tax vehicle registration fees business taxes dog licenses and parking tickets

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its official after congress failed to reach an agreement the federal government has shut down with any luck it will be quick and painless but in the interim the country is going to be doing , the april 15 tax deadline is approaching what happens if you cant get your taxes done by the due date if you need more time you can get an automatic sixmonth extension from the irs you dont have to explain why youre asking for more time here are five important things to know about

if youre feeling the pressures of tax time i dont blame you in addition to everything else going on in the world from bombshells reports and hectic work schedules theres also the task of , this years taxfiling deadline is april 18 taxpayers needing more time to file their taxes can get an automatic sixmonth extension from the irs below are five things to know about filing an extension use irs free file to file an extension irs free file allows taxpayers to prepare and efile , whatcom county collects property taxes based on what voters allow districts to collect your share is based on your propertys value taxes are due april 30 and oct 31, taxes are due on monday april 15 this year unless you live in maine or massachusetts residents of those states will have an extra two days to file their taxes because of holidays april 15 is

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