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when are taxes due the regular tax return filing deadline is april 15 however due to april 15 being on a sunday and the washington dc emancipation day holiday being observed on april 16 instead of april 15 2018 tax day is on the following tuesday, federal due dates by month may 10 social security medicare and withheld income tax file form 941 for the first quarter of 2018 this due date applies only if you deposited the tax for the quarter timely properly and in full may 15 social security medicare, deadline to file individual tax returns form 1040 for the year 2018 or to request an automatic extension form 4868 an extension provides an extra six months to file your return payment of the tax is still due by april 15 you can submit payment for any taxes you owe along with the extension form

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september 16 2019 quarterly estimated taxes for the months of june july and august 2019 are due on this date january 15 2020 quarterly estimated taxes for the months of september october november and december 2019 are due on this date, if your liability for the fourth quarter plus any undeposited amount from any earlier quarter is over 500 deposit the entire amount by the due date of form 940 january 31 if it is 500 or less you can make a deposit pay the tax with a credit or debit card or pay the tax with your form 940 by january 31

tax returns or extensions due for tax year 2019 for taxexempt organizations nonprofits and charities that are taxexempt have until may 15 2019 to file their tax returns or request an extension of course those dates assume that your organizations tax year ends on dec 31 zimmelman said, you dont have to make the payment due january 15 2020 if you file your 2019 tax return by january 31 2020 and pay the entire balance due with your return, in the united states tax day is a colloquial term for the day on which individual income tax returns are due to be submitted to the federal government the term may also refer to the same day for individual states even where the tax return due date is a different day since 1955 for those living in the united states tax day has typically fallen on april 15 for people who file a us tax return and live outside the united states and puerto rico tax day has typically fallen on june 15 becau

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